ROC Ballymena Launch

22 November 2011


Tuesday the 22nd of November saw the launch of ROC Ballymena! With over 200 people in attendence, the event was a real success in showcasing projects that are making a difference in our community. A wide range of individuals found it inspiring and encouraging to see how much good was being done in Ballymena and surrounding area by a range of different groups and individuals.

A huge thanks goes to Jonathan Leakey and the Ballymena team who organised the evening! We are also especially grateful to those who came from a distance to provide input into the evening: Debra Green who came from Manchester, Gordon McDade from Hillsborough, Stephen Cargin who came from L'derry, and Will MacLaughlin who came from Dundonald. Also, thanks to Alyson Reid and the Voice of Hope Choir who added a 5th night to their singing commitments that week - what an awesome sound they made!! The SOCA dance troupe agreed at short notice to add a live routine to accompany their excellent video, we so appreciate their input in the evening.

This event provides a solid platform to take ROC Ballymena forward. Our first community-based event will be in the early spring, focusing on collaborative inter-church and inter-agency work to better addressing the problems associated with domestic violence and the family.

Stay tuned for more news!

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