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23 February 2011 - Favour and Growth

This last week could be described as a time of favour on many aspects of our work. We have received lots of positive feedback from people who have received the ROC 2010 Annual Report. The report features highlights of our work from each month of 2010; if you have not had chance to read it, click the link above and take a look.

ROC Café (youth club) enquiries continue to flow into the office and we are excited to see this new phase of growth. At the heart of ROC is the aim to empower people to offer communities practical support, which is much needed at this time of cut backs, and the ROC Café is just one example of our work. The “Big Society” agenda, which everyone is talking about, promotes the idea of devolving power back down into the hands of the local community and this is the core business of ROC. With six years experience we find ourselves very well placed to advise and support communities across the UK.

Chief Inspector Paul Wilson, who heads up ROC Greater London (and beyond!), has had some brilliant meetings in Sussex and Surrey over the last few weeks. With the help of ROC Ambassador Christine Holyoake from Sussex Police, there have been recent developments in Bognor and Eastbourne. We will bring you more news of these soon, but it is so good to be seeing new doors open especially with the support of Senior Police officers like the Chief Constable of Sussex Police, Martin Richards who has endorsed our work. We also received an endorsement from Bishop Paul Williams of Kensington. Recent ROC meetings have taken place in London including Vauxhall, Camden, Lambeth and Newham.